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"One of our goals is to partner with organizations who are not content with the status quo, who really want to see lasting transformational change - come to the city 'cause we love our city." -Ty Bottler, Transformation Strategies

TY Bottler

Transformation Strategies

Video Transcription

We also wanna thank

all the volunteers

and everyone who helped organize today

you guys helping today

an amazing event

and thankfully the weather cooperated for the most part except for skipping a little bit at the beginning

but, as, uh, start about nine o'clock

we had about

I think 120 volunteers that hit the streets

to help clean up the city

so we really appreciate you guys coming out and lending your hand to that

that was pretty amazing

so, as I mentioned, transformation strategies

one of our goals is to partner with organizations who are not content with the status quo, who really want to see lasting transformational change, come to the city cuz we love our city

we don't look at the city with all the problems

I'm sure there are

but we

speak good things about our city

we know our city is going to continue to improve

and it's important that our attitudes and our hearts are there to see those things happen

now it goes long way, honestly

it really does

it's infectious

you know, it's really easy to complain about the problems, but, it takes, a real visionary to see how those problems can get resolved

and so that's what we love partnering with

unfortunately, there have, there have been, other ways of doing things over the last decades

people have come up with a lot of different ideas to see our city become a more livable some of those ideas have turned out pretty well

pretty much just cost millions of dollars in the end, haven't resulted in much lasting change


every once in a while you come across certain organizations and certain people

who are not in it to get some status

they're not in it to make a name

they're not really in it to make a dollar

they're in it because they love their city

and, those are the people we love to partner with

we love to partner with people who are willing to put skin in the game

who don't care actually who gets the credit for something because they know something just needs to be done

they're willing to invest their time and their resources

to see something happen

so we love to partner with that

we get to celebrate and we get to shed some light and we get to help fundraise and give somebody to a couple of these organizations

one of the organizations is Loving One Another

they've been doing some incredible work on the streets over the last number of years

and member organization is Pearl District Neighborhood Association

let's give it up for them as well

so two groups that we're happy to partner with today

we're happy to give them some resources, some additional resources because we know that what they're gonna use this money for will go to lasting transformational change

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Ty Bottler in a heartfelt video, expresses his excitement about partnering with organizations that are truly dedicated to making a difference – that are dedicated to making a positive impact. Ty emphasizes his commitment to celebrating, shedding light on, and helping fundraise for Loving One Another, and the Pearl District Neighborhood Association, an esteemed member organization.

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