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We are loving one another

A non-profit organization dedicated to personal and community transformation. 

The Foundation

Loving One Another was founded to bring hope into the lives of others. When people lose hope, they lose their sense of direction, ultimately leading toward a self-destructive path. When a community loses its hope an entire generation can be lost. Loving One Another wants to bring about personal and community transformation by offering a way out of hopelessness. Come join us on this path of renewal and redemption!

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With established, trusted relationships, empathetic communication and unity, we meet immediate emotional and physical needs of the houseless community cultivating lasting transformation.


Through love and compassion, we deliver the type soft services that transform individual lives and communities. Transforming lives person to person, community by community, city by city.


Our values are our zenith, our guiding to star, to be a light in the community.
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Through HEART all things are possible

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With INTEGRITY, HONESTY and TRANSPARENCY, lives are transformed

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ALL things are possible only with INCLUSION of all people


ADAPTABLE to every situation, every day.

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From HUMBLE beingness, connection and growth never end.

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REMARKABLE COMMUNITIES built for healthier and happier futures.


Each and Every day, Loving One Another staff and volunteers go tent to tent, person to person, we meet them where they are at and lead them on a path towards individual transformation. While our services can be categorized into the following main programs, they do not by any means cover the myriad of needs and assistance we provide, on the spot, each day. Our staff and trained volunteers do intake paperwork on our phones, at our clients tents to provide real-time services and needs.

Meals Served

Food is a basic need of life - and we reach out to our brothers and sisters who are unable to meet this need.

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Nights OFF The Streets

We provide temporary shelters off the streets for our brothers and sisters.


Relocate To Safer Environment

A decent shelter doesn't mean having a roof above your head - safety is also a standard.


Reunite With Family Members

Challenges in life may sometimes lead us to drift away from people that matter - which is why we also help our brothers and sisters to get reunited with their families.

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Support Job Placement

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. - We want to make sure that our brothers and sisters will eventually become self-sustaining.


Deescalation In The Streets And Businesses

One of the biggest keys to a greater Portland - the assurance of safety and de-escalating situations when necessary.


earth day 2023

Earth Day 2023

In 2023, LOA (Loving One Another) organized a neighborhood cleanup event as a part of Earth Day celebrations. Volunteers from all walks of life, including school children, college students, and local residents, participated in the event. The organizers provided them with necessary equipment to pick up trash and other litter that had accumulated in the local neighborhood. The volunteers worked hard and remained motivated and dedicated to the cause, which not only helped to clean the environment but also fostered a sense of community spirit.


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Help us fund our efforts for a greater Portland. Each donation goes to our community projects.

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