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The heart of what we do - it comes down to relationships." - Reid Kerr

Reid Kerr

Co-Owner, Echelon Protective Services

Video Transcription

Hey everyone I'm Reid Kerr

I'm one of the two owners of Echelon

there's the other owner right there

Alex Stone

So the heart of what we do

it comes down to relationships

and all of you here

there's different people that I'm looking at

I have relationship with you

and we love this community

these people truly love

I'm looking over at Stan

I'm looking at people that

I've been working with

now for three, four years

that legitimately love this community

that believe in this community

and that today

are showing that through going out with this event

we were really happy as a company

to give to this event

because we believe that

there is a future here in Portland

and we're willing a hundred percent

to invest anything

we have to see that future come to light

so from the bottom of my heart

I thank every single one of you

for participating

continue to participate

if any of you would like to get with me

come ride with some of our people

learn what we're doing

on a daily basis

to see the city get to the next level

feel free to get in touch with me

feel free to get in touch with Alex

we want to partner with you

we want to have a relationship with you

we want you to know us

and we want to know you

so anyways

thank you very much

Highlights of what reid kerr is speaking about

Reid Kerr, co-founders of Echelon Protective Services, expresses immense satisfaction on behalf of the company for contributing to the event and reaffirms their unwavering faith in the future of Portland. Echelon is committed to investing wholeheartedly to realize this envisioned future.

With utmost sincerity, Reid extends his heartfelt gratitude to all participants and encourages them to sustain their involvement. He extends an invitation to those interested to engage with him or Alex Stone, offering the opportunity to accompany their team and gain insight into their daily operations aimed at propelling the city to new heights. Reid emphasizes their eagerness to establish collaborative partnerships and forge meaningful connections with the audience.

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