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"This idea was really in the heart of the foundation - volunteers that wanted to make an impacting lasting difference in the community." - Pat Olsen, Miter Foundation

Pat Olsen

Milter Foundation

Video Transcription

Thank you everybody for coming today

extremely exciting and on behalf of Milgard

miter Foudnation

if you're familiar with Milgard

just raise your hand


Miter Foundation

this idea was really in the heart of the foundation

volunteers that wanted to make

an impacting lasting difference in

in the community

we thought the Pearl District

could be a really good idea because this is a model of what right looks like



super important

addressing matters concerning homeless

and you, you see all that here

that with the LOA

that with the

Pearl District Neighborhood Association we're just real proud to attach this work to, to these groups

so thank you very much for that

I want to give some highlights

23 organizations

partnership organizations turned out for this event

proud of this whole team

so thank you for that

I'm gonna end it with one testimony

I think one favorite things of today

four truckloads of garbage were hauled out as gift

I think my absolute favorite story is

What's that?

3,200 pounds

30 pounds

thank you


that's amazing

but my favorite story is this

two homeless people encountered LOA

some folks with LOA

kevin happy to tell me the story

he was with the rover team under the bridge 4 0 5

and two people were ready to make a difference in their lives

and LOA is there right on time to aid them getting off the streets

and into Mighty Lakes to get them some real help

so thank you LOA

thank you

thank you Milgard for taking a risk

getting out there

getting underneath the 4 0 5 bridge

and making a difference

you guys are amazing and I just thank you all for being here today

Highlights of what pat olsen is speaking about

Pat Olsen, representing the Miter Foundation, extends gratitude to everyone present for their attendance. Pat shares that the foundation was born from the collective passion of volunteers who aim to make a meaningful and lasting impact in the community. The Pearl District is highlighted as a potential area of focus, as it represents a model of excellence in terms of sustainability and livability. Pat emphasizes the importance of addressing homelessness as a crucial matter.

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