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"Since we launched Adopt One Block two years ago, we have 7,200 Block Ambassadors consistently cleaning up over 90,000 square blocks - 80% of those in the Portland Metro area." - Frank Moscow, Founder, Adopt One Block

Frank Moscow


Video Transcription

Hi everybody

my name is Frank Moscow

I am the founder of the Adopt One Block and

And Earth Day is great and I really appreciate everybody who participated in the events today

not only here

but probably hundreds of events all around the city

and for we're an answer

to what happens next

what does the areas that you walked in today look like a week from now?

The week after that?

A week after that we're here because we enable anyone to care for the block they love the most

when and how they want clean up supplies and be delivered to them for free

what does that mean?

It means trash or each garbage bag

or a garbage

it means gloves

it means sharps

metal indicator

and most recently

it also means

all delivered to your front door for free because our true work isn't the event

itself the get it clean motion

what we're focused on is the keep clean motion

how do we make sure that our physical spaces are not only cleaned up today

but when we go by those same spots three weeks from now

they are still clean

since we launched Adopt One Block a little over two years ago

we have 7,200 block ambassadors consistently cleaning up over 90,000 square blocks

80% of those are in the Portland Metro area


so call to action

if you haven't already

go to a Adopt one block org

claim your block

get your free cleanup supplies delivered to your front door

and give the love and care to your favorite block

on a regular

consistent basis

with that

thank you very much


appreciate everybody's work to make our community a cleaner and happier place if we wanna do anything and everything

the world we can to continue to and support that

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Reid Kerr, co-founders of Echelon Protective Services, expresses immense satisfaction on behalf of the company for contributing to the event and reaffirms their unwavering faith in the future of Portland. Echelon is committed to investing wholeheartedly to realize this envisioned future.

With utmost sincerity, Reid extends his heartfelt gratitude to all participants and encourages them to sustain their involvement. He extends an invitation to those interested to engage with him or Alex Stone, offering the opportunity to accompany their team and gain insight into their daily operations aimed at propelling the city to new heights. Reid emphasizes their eagerness to establish collaborative partnerships and forge meaningful connections with the audience.

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