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"Do you believe that you have a dream in your heart, and this isn’t it? We want to help you achieve that dream." -Alex Stone, CEO, Loving One Another

Alex Stone

Founder/CEO, Loving One Another

Video Transcription

Thank you

I tend to be someone in the background

I don't like to be person in the spotlight

so for that reason

I want everyone that works for LOA

the three right here

if you can stand up please

these three individuals are responsible

for sheltering approximately 45 people a month

that's been possible

through this donation

and through the participation of every individual that's shown up here today

I'm gonna cry

just warning you

In 1988

my mother experienced a sexual and physical assault

which led to her and myself living in a vehicle

in Houston, Texas

for a year and a half

we lived in the cardboard of her friend's apartment complex

and a very bad environment

when people are homeless

addicted to Fentanyl

living on the streets of Portland

and then we ask him and we tell him

we believe that you have a dream in your heart

and this isn't it

and we wanna help you achieve that dream

and we go by that tent every day

we go by that tent four or five

six times a day

we know their names

we know their children's names

we know the names of the children that were killed in a drive-by four months ago

we bring them food or treat them hygiene kits

we carry Narcan

loving one another provides a Narcan to plant chain


Salvation Army


clean and safe



so many other

we just yesterday

we narcaned two people

just yesterday alone

that's where this money's going to

this money is going to directly help people get into shelter because community transformation only occurs through personal transformation

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Alex Stone, the founder of Echelon Protective Services, expresses gratitude to the audience. Alex prefers to work behind the scenes rather than being in the spotlight. They acknowledge the hard work of the three individuals from LOA and ask them to stand up, as they have played a significant role in sheltering around 45 people per month. This achievement has been made possible through generous donations and the collective participation of everyone present. The funds raised during the event will directly contribute to helping people find shelter, as personal transformation is essential for community transformation.

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At LOA, our mission is to build a sustainable future for all by promoting environmental awareness and taking action to protect our planet. Your donation can make a significant impact in helping us achieve this goal.